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Ayla Swihart

Yellow Gingham Scrunchie Set

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❤︎ Yellow Gingham Scrunchie ❤︎
This yellow gingham patterned Scrunchie is definitely what you need for any occasion. Whether you are putting your hair up, or you want to spruce up an outfit, do it with this cute, hand sewn accessory.

Scrunchies are back and trending more than ever! Now, you’re more likely to get a compliment or two after wearing these around.
Each scrunchie is machine, and hand sewn by me. I use standard fabric, and elastic as the materials in the scrunchie. Flat elastic is sewn inside each scrunchie for full stretchyness and scrunchieness! They will fit any wrist and will wrap around 2 times depending of thickness of hair.

With your order, you will receive:
❤︎ | 1 cute Scrunchies
❤︎ | 1 hand made sticker
❤︎ | Happiness

Length of scrunchies:
4-5 inches but fits most-to-all

Suggested care: Hand wash and lay flat to dry.

I ship first class!

The Color in picture may not fit the exact color of the scrunchies received. We try hard to get them as close as possible.

No exchanges or returns, although please do contact me if there are any problems with your order.