Hop Lovers Soap and Lotion Gift Set

$ 28.00 $ 34.45

You open your favorite pale ale and pour it into an ice-cold glass. Immediately you smell the hops and every worry in the world goes away. You are relaxed. Our IPA soaps and lotion work the same way! Every IPA bar contains hops as an exfoliant so that you can bring that hop induced relaxation into the shower with you. Then, stay moisturized throughout the day with our homegrown hop-infused lotion!

 Our Hop Lover's collection contains the following three hoppy beer soaps and 4oz. Homegrown Hop Lotion:

1) Tobacco and Bay Leaf IPA Beer Soap: Customers describe it as a woodsy man scent.

 2) Unscented IPA Beer Soap: There is no added fragrance so this bar is great for sensitive skin. It has been reported that you can smell the ester of the beer in this bar.

 3) ‘Get Some’ IPA Beer Soap: Named after the fact that when my husband washes with this IPA beer soap, everyone is happy!!! Wink** Wink** The scent can be described as musky and woodsy with a floral scent. All I know is I can’t keep my hands off of him! But that’s just me!

 4) Homegrown Hop Infused Lotion: Infused with hops grown from our backyard, this non greasy lotion is made with mango butter, soothing aloe vera and scented with our popular ‘Get Some’ fragrance. See ingredients here.

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