Alameda Handbrewed Soaps

"A deep whiff of the bars reveals bar smells—hoppy, spicy, earthy—but won’t leave you smelling like an Irish Spring downstream from a distillery. Whether you lather up with a Merlot Wine Soap to compliment the Christmas leg of lamb or conjure up some suds from a bar of Spice Ale Beer Soap as a little hair of the dog, Handbrewed Soaps pair well with any occasion. "

 Draft Magazine Handbrewed Soaps

Featured as one of the nine best beer soaps!  Thanks Draft!


We had a great time on Grilliant Radio talking about our beer soap.  Our interview starts at about 40 minutes.  Please check it out!


 How to make homebrewed beer soap

We are honored to partner with Noble Brewer to write a tutorial on making an Orange Honey Wheat Beer and turn some of it into beer! 

 noble brewer handbrewed soaps

Another partnership with Noble Brewer. How to handle brewing beer, making soap, and raising kids! 



Oakland Magazine: Handbrewed Soaps

"The next best thing to drinking in the shower might be Oakland’s Handbrewed Soaps, which makes cold-processed soaps infused with homebrews, wine, coffee, tea, or chai. Alyson Noel Swihart is the master soaper behind the line of beverage-based beauty products..."


sf gate handbrewed soaps nathan and co

Thank you Nathan and Co. for the awesome review in the SF Chronicle as the up and coming bath product! 

“This gal and her husband are Oaklanders. Her husband brews beer and she’s a soapmaker. They got tired of being in separate parts of the garage when they were doing their crafting, so she’s using his beer in her soaps.”

Thanks for including 'our advice' in this great article about selling products at a show!
"This soap produces a great lather!"
game period logo The smell of this soap is so good that you would want to eat it, while we highly recommend that you don’t because it’s soap. The best thing about this soap is that it gives you very smooth and silky lather, and no matter how much you use it, you won’t feel your hands dry.
Handbrewed Soaps  Thanks for including our 'brew' advice in your 24 brewer round-up.  Are advice is #19! 


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