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In 2013, Handbrewed Soaps was born when my husband and I came up with the idea to “marry our passions” together. His passion for brewing beer and my passion for hand-brewing soap! I started making cold process soap in 2011 as a stress relief from my teaching career; and of course 'out of the need to provide my family with a better alternative to commercial, store-bought soaps.' 

Then, I started making soap out of my husband’s beer. The beer made for a great lather, and we had a lot of it. So the old story goes, I was hooked, and Handbrewed Soaps was born.

For 10 years, we made beer and wine soaps. But 3 years ago, we got sober and pivoted our mission to not just bathing with brew, but to brewing your best life, whatever that means to you. To us, it means being sober so... Sober Soaps was born!

These days, we aren't brewing beer, but we are brewing sobriety. We believe that when you are brewing your best, you can serve your best to the world.  So yes, beer soap lives besides sober soaps on our site, because it's the duality of life, the ying to the yang, the shadow to the light, that makes us human!

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