Perfectly Imperfect: Merlot Wine Soap
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Perfectly Imperfect: Merlot Wine Soap

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Not so cute, but completely usable soap.  

Boxed in our experimental packaging with a label that is a little off.  It says it's made with Chardonnay, but I promise, it is made with MERLOT WINE!

Making soap is a very exact process of measurements and temperatures. As a soapmaker, I have to be very aware of all of this.  But, there is a point when I have to let the soap process take over and hope that the soap with turnout like I've planned. Most of the time it does, and sometimes it doesn't.  Maybe there was a draft in the room, or a measurement was slightly off.  Either way, the soaps appearance isn't so cute.

In the spirit of not disgarding the less desirable, I offer you the Perfectly Imperfect Wine Soap.  May you see the beauty in this not so beautiful bar!

Soap Type: Merlo Wine Soap.  

Scent: Earthy Vanilla.  (This is one of our most popular wine soaps!!!) 


Our hand brewed soaps are made from many different styles of brewed liquid. Each liquid gives the soap a unique character including color, scent, and texture. They have a rustic look!

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To increase the life of your soap, please keep it in a well drained soap dish.

Ingredients: Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil (SPO), MERLOT WINE, Fragrance, 
App. 4 oz.



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