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3 Effective Ways to Train an Intern

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  Meet our newest intern, Matthew! We are excited to have him as our newest addition to the Handbrewed Soaps Team! Over the next few months, we will be training him in the ways of soaping. We are pretty hard-core around here, so we will definitely be watching him to see if he’s cut out for the soaping lifestyle. He’ll be going through some intense training that I can recommend for all businesses. 1) Find out what your intern is naturally interested in or wants to learn more about. You might find that he/she has strength in an area that...

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5 Lessons Dad Taught Me About Business, Family and Life

Behind the Brew Brewing Up a Business

Today is Father's Day and what better day to tribute this blog post to one of the most important men in my life... my Dad!   Background:  My Dad was born in Chicago and moved to Oakland as a toddler.  He attended Oakland Unified School's from K-12 and then became a Coach, Teacher, VP, and Principal in the very same school district he was raised in. Currently he is retired.  This man has taught me, my brother, and many students in Oakland some key lessons about life, family, and business that I'd like to share with you!   1)  Go...

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