Why Would I Use Coffee Soap?

Why Would I Use Coffee Soap?

Why would I use coffee soap? Because coffee does more than help you wake up in the morning. This soap works for you!

Coffee is a natural deodorizer. Ever wonder why candle stores have little bowls of coffee beans lying around? They are there to sniff in between smelling candles to null out the previous scent you just tried.

This concept works for your body too. Say you were chopping onions and garlic for dinner tonight. By washing your hands with coffee soap, the odor for these ingredients neutralizes faster than using plain soap. That means you are cutting down the number of times you wash your hands to offset the smell.

This principle also works for the fisherman. I have customers that keep this soap in their tackle box. Right before they come into the house, they wash their hands with it, keeping the fishy smell to a minimum.

Coffee is also a “toner.” It contracts blood vessels in your brain when you drink it. That’s why ‘they’ say to drink coffee if you have a slight headache. Coffee also can contract your skin. So, if you have areas that need a little tightening, using coffee soap in those areas might help. I’ll be honest, I use coffee soap on my thighs (cellulite) and wash my face with it nightly.

You might be thinking, why don’t I rub coffee grounds on my skin? You can very well do that, but I promise you it will be messy and you’ll have to wash yourself off with a bar of soap anyway. Why not just use coffee soap, it neutralizes and cleans at the same time!

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