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Why Is My Soap Soggy?

Do you have soggy soap problems? That's because your soap is made with natural ingredients.  But don't worry, there is a way to keep that bar from getting soggy.  Before I reveal the solution,  let me explain what is going on with your natural bar of soap.

When oils interact with sodium hydroxide, soap is created.  Because Handbrewed Soaps are made with natural ingredients, you can’t treat our bars of soap (or any handmade soap) like you would Irish Spring or Dial.  These other brands have additional (not always natural) ingredients in them that maintain it’s form and hardness when they get wet.  Our soaps will also keep it’s hardness and form, but you have to do one thing: keep it out of direct water, and don’t let water sit in your soap dish.   Below are our most FAQ about this topic:

What is the best way to store soap in the shower? 

The best place to keep your soap in the shower is off on the side of the tub.  If you have a caddy that hangs off your shower head, make sure it is placed further back so that the soap isn’t directly in the water.

 What is the best way to store soap by the sink?

To guarantee that your soap doesn't turn into a pile of goo, house your soap in a soap dish that elevates it from standing water.  My favorite are the wooden soap dishes like the one below! 

wooden soap dish

I hope this solves your soggy soap problems!  Let me know how it goes for you!


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