fear of living your dreams, live your best life

When Other Peoples Opinions Stop You In Your Tracks

fear of living your dreams, live your best life

I can so relate to the photo of this guy above. I remember when I first got started brewing, I would read any book or blog I could on brewing techniques and recipes. I would follow the “cool brewers on Instagram,” and join chat groups. I eventually got so overwhelmed by other people opinions of the best way to brew, that I actually was afraid to start. It wasn’t until after I stopped following people, stopped the chat groups and focused on everything I learned from this ‘educational’ period of my brew life, that I was able to brew.

Life is like that too. There is so much ‘chatter’ in our lives now more than ever. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone is sharing it whether it’s on social media or at a family/ friend function. Most people mean well (except for the a-holes). These people are being 'Negative Nellies' because they love you. They are actually trying to protect you- so they try to stop you from taking risks. It’s kind of the opposite of what you’d think. And hey, you might even do it to yourself.

So, all of this ranting is to say, at some point, if you really want to ‘brew your best life,’ you’re going to have to stop listening to everyone else, and make space to reconnect with you. This might mean saying goodbye to social media or saying “I really appreciate your thoughts on my life and I’ll think about it,”- even if you don’t. Maybe you get up 20 minutes earlier to meditate.

Because most times, the best course of attraction, is to figure it out yourself, mistakes and all.

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