What To Do When Your Business Has Hit the Slow Months

What To Do When Your Business Has Hit the Slow Months

The month’s that start with J's tend to be my slower months… January, June and July.  I have to remind myself to be thankful for the slow month’s in business.  It’s not just a time to relax (which it is, you deserve it), but also time to plan, clean, and get those things done that I never could get to when it is the busy season When I’m ready to jump back into it, here the things that I do:

  1. Reflect on last year and plan for the current year (goal setting)
  2. Edit my email list
  3. Brainstorm blog posts (which I turn into social media posts)
  4. Plan out themes for email
  5. Taxes
  6. Order supplies
  7. Make my products

How do I motivate myself to do these things? There is no motivation, I force myself to do it…  I pick one task for the day, and set a timer (Pomodoro’s) and without interruption focus only on that task for the time that I’ve allotted for myself.  When I'm done, there is a feeling of accomplishment.  So therein lies the reward. 

If you are interested in goal setting techniques, I am offering a free course HERE.  It will ask for your billing address at checkout, but you don’t need to put in your credit card. I just wanted to explain that as I am always leery when websites do that!  

Have a great day!

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