We Are In The Machine- Our Partnership With Souvenear

We Are In The Machine- Our Partnership With Souvenear

handbrewed soap Oakland airport gift when flying

A year ago, as we were in the Oakland Airport, getting ready to visit family in Ohio. Eric noticed these cool vending machines around the airport.  Inside, there were local made products/ souvenirs like dish towels, lip balm, and locally made chocolate. 

“You should get your soap in this machine,” Eric suggested.

“That would be super cool!” I replied.

And then, synchronistically, 6 months later I received an email from Souvenear interested in Handbrewed Soaps.  The next thing I know she is in my soap studio, I’m giving her the tour, and within 2 weeks, we were up and running not only in the Oakland Aiport but in the SalesForce tower as well!  That’s not only super cool, that’s amazeballs cool!

Fast forward to the present, we were again off on our annual trip to Ohio and stopped off at Gate 24. There it was, the Souvenear shop. I walked up to it in anticipation, and there it was D17, Handbrewed Soaps. Finally (I saw with my own eyes), we were in the machine.  #lifegoalmet

I completely believe the universe is on our side and that if you put anything out into the universe (good and bad), eventually you will receive it.  That’s why positivity is important.  How do you stay positive when life gets you down? Here are my top two tips:

☕️Meditate: I do this when I first wake up. It allows me to be open to the day.

☕️Visualize: Every night right before bed, I visualize my goal happening.  I pay attention to what I’m feeling as visualize accomplishing that goal.  Then, later, when I’m not feeling so positive, I remember that feeling I experienced in my visualization and it gives me a little mood boost.

How do you stay positive?



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