how to travel with handmade soap

Two Techniques To Keep Your Handbrewed Soaps Amazing When Traveling

Traveling with handmade soap, Handbrewed Soaps

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of hotel soaps. I like to bring my own. 

But traveling with handmade soaps is a little more high maintenance than commercial made soap (aka beauty bars) like Irish Spring or Dial. Real soap gets soggy, loses it's shape, and disintegrates when sitting in water.  There are two ways you can keep your soap nice and fresh.

  1. Make sure your soap is in a soap dish that lets soap air out between uses.    OR-
  2. Cut your handbrewed soaps into small use 1 oz pieces. These work great as one use soap. When you are done with them, you don’t have to dry them out, you can just through them in the garbage. 

What do you prefer?



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