The Ultimate Family Friendly Brewery Road Trip

The Ultimate Family Friendly Brewery Road Trip

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It’s summer time! And if you are a little like us, you may have waited to the last minute to plan a trip to anywhere. So do what we did last year... BREWERY ROAD TRIP! (Note: This trip was taken in 2015. I was suuppppeeerrrr pregos. Being huge and uncomfortable, I had no desire to write about it. So I’ll share it with you now! Enjoy!)

We have a motto in our family, “When In Doubt, Head North!” I have no idea why or where it came from, but we use it, like All. The. Time.         Waiting until the last minute to plan just about everything, specifically this summer vacation, we let this motto guide us. The kid’s priority was to swim (which we can do anywhere with a pool) so what did we adults want to do? Well that’s an easy one… Drink BEER! So the plan was set. Drive north as far as we could, swim and drink beer!  Low and behold, Beer Mecca fit into that criteria, so off to Bend, Oregon we went!!! (And don’t worry, the prego lady didn’t drink…)

We had about 10 days to do this. Making a B-line for Bend, didn’t sound like a good idea. With small kids, you never know what is in store… a great mood, a tantrum… so we broke the drive up in small parts, hitting a kid friendly venue and a brewery each day on our way up. So this is what we did each day:

July 3: Travel: Ferndale, CA. Brewery’s visited: Lagunitas, Lost Coast.

July 4: Fourth of July in Ferndale, CA. Breweries visited: Mad River.

July 5: Travel: Springfield, OR. Kid’s interest: Paul Bunyan &Water Park. Brewery’s visited: Hoppy Valley.

July 6: Travel: Bend, OR. On the way to Bend, visit Rouge Farm Stop & Tour of Hop Fields.

July 7-10: Bend, OR. (OMG…. There’s a brewery on every street corner!!!!) Kid interest: Museums, Rivers, Pools, and hiking!

July 11: B-line back to Oakland, CA = BRAVERY!!!!

By far, this trip was one of our favorites! Everyone’s needs were met. I can’t wait to do this in the next couple of years, so that I can enjoy the beer too! (Please stay tune for more details about our visit.)

What are your favorite family trips?

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