The Best Place to Spend the Fourth of July- Ferndale, CA July 12, 2016 00:00

Ferndale CA Fourth of July

Want in on the best-kept Fourth of July Secret? Can you say Ferndale, CA?

I think by far, my favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. I love the parades, the BBQ’s, and the fireworks. The 4th (for some reason) gives a large metropolitan area such as ours, a small town feel.

Last year however, we decided to get out of town to follow our family motto, “When in doubt, go north!” We happened to land in Ferndale, CA on the Fourth of July, and I never, I repeat NEVER have had such a great Fourth of July.

What’s so special about Ferndale you ask?  Can you say FIRE ENGINE RIDES? (It doesn’t take much for me… I think I was more excited than the kids!) We started off around 9:30am with fire engine rides that go through town. There I was waving at all the people walking around, as if I were in a parade! My daughter even got to sound the siren when we drove around corners… (SOOOO JEALOUS!) They had three trucks going, one of which was a 1920’s fire engine. For all you classic car nerds, you would have loved it! Seamlessly, the town parade starts around 10:30am. I think everyone that lived in the town was in it. They may have gone around the route twice just to make the parade longer… (lovin’ it!).  And by the end of the parade, ‘magically’ vendors appeared on the streets for shopping, kids crafts, and a good old magic show!

Of course, having small kids, we had to have a break from all the excitement before the fireworks… swimming, brewery visit (for the adults!! I know what you are thinking…), and a nap were afternoon priorities.

That night, we headed back to Ferndale for a night of fireworks at the fairgrounds! NOTE: Make sure to bring a picnic blanket and snacks. You have the option of sitting on bleachers or the field. We recommend that you are aware of what direction the wind is blowing. Us newbies didn’t, and got smoked out from the fireworks! HAAA!

Where did you spend your Fourth of July? I’m always looking for suggestions on awesome parades and fireworks! And for the full itinerary of this trip, click here!