The Best Deals at Handbrewed Soaps: The Soap Scrap Box and the Perfectly Imperfect Soap

Alyson Swihart

Hands down, the best deal around here is the Soap Scrap Box. If you are into not the best-looking soap, you can get a lot of soap for little cashola!  Why you ask?  Well, what you are getting is the end pieces of our soap loaves.  These end pieces can be wrinkled or have dents in them because of how the soap was poured into the molds.  The size of the end pieces varies as well.  Sometimes an end piece may be ½ inch thick, while other times it is ¾ in thick. Sometimes they are square piece, while other times they are rectangles. Because of the variance in size, the weight of the box is what we go by.  You’ll receive 24 oz of soaps (the equivalent of 6 bars) for the price of 4 bars.  That’s a pretty good deal.

And one more thing: You don’t get to pick the types of soap that goes into the scrap box.  You get what you get and you don’t through a fit!  That means you might get beer soap with coffee and wine soap just as an example. Looking for specific soaps?  Try our Perfectly Imperfect Soaps! They are not very cute, but completely usable!

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