Thank You For Helping Keep Oakland Healthy

Alyson Swihart Brew Your Best Life Brewing Soap Partnerships

Thank you so much for all of the people that have bought the Keep Oakland Healthy Bar. You’ve made an amazing impact on getting soap to those that need it the most. As of today over 3000 bars have been donated to shelters for the elderly, youth and un-sheltered. Just today I got word from the City of Oakland that they will be using our soaps for the trailer sites that they are setting up. That’s an additional 4000 bars minimum that the city will need. As you know I am donating my time and much of my materials to get soap into the hands of those that are most vulnerable. As an second generation Oaklander, I feel honored to keep people healthy during this time. If you feel inspired please think about purchasing a bar of Keep Oakland Healthy soap for yourself. Your purchase will get soap into the hands of 10 additional people!

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