Taster's Thursday: Mad River Brewing Company

Alyson Swihart Brewing Adventure

Mad River Brewing Company

It’s Taster’s Thursday! Today is the day we discuss wineries, brewing companies and the beverages they produce. And of course, at the end, we rate our experience in two categories: 1) A Family Friendly atmosphere and 2) The Beer itself. See explanation here.

We had the privilege of visiting Mad River Brewing Company. There are many breweries to visit in Humboldt, so why did we pick this brewing company? Well, it’s because of their story! Their brew master, Bob Smith, followed a dream and made it a reality! You cannot NOT support that! As the story goes, Bob (then homebrewer circa 1970) bought homebrew supplies from Ken Grossman’s Hombrew Supply Store in Chico. Learning about Ken’s plan to open Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Bob was inspired to open his own in Humboldt… hence Mad River. For the full story, click here.

We had the joy of going to Mad River Brewing Company on our “When in Doubt, Go North 2015 Road Trip.” The brewery is amazingly off the beaten path (for us city slickers). After a short drive on Hwy 299, we were pleasantly surprised to find the brewery nestles in the woods. With a large size taproom and HUGE outdoor seating area, we enjoyed a great lunch and a flight of beer. Our favorite was the Mad River IPA. Hoppy and refreshing!

All orders (food included) take place at the bar. And food pickup occurs at a serving window to the right. The brewery has a wide selection of games and puzzles to choose from! Great for kids (Big Kids too!) We played a round of trivia as we ate and drank.

While we were there, a band was setting up for an evening show. Definitely check out their website to see who and when bands are playing.

All in all, we enjoyed our visit to Mad River and definitely will be back the next time we are in the area! Family Friendly Rating: 5 stars… Beer Rating: 4 stars

For the full itinerary of the "When in Doubt, Go North 2015 Road Trip," click here!

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