What's Brewing?

Our First Bulk Order - What That Means For You October 01, 2018 00:00

It’s a big day for our little soap company! Yep… we bought in bulk.  You may be asking yourself, “why is that important?”  Well,  It translate into lower pricing for you, our customers!

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Why Add Wine To Your Soap? September 05, 2018 15:05

I fell in love with red wine while camping in the Great Basin.  I was an archaeologist's intern (a story for a later time) this particular summer.

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Three Top Questions People Have About Beer Soap July 06, 2017 00:00

We know you have questions.  Here are the top three!

  • Will I smell like beer?

No you will NOT smell like beer… we promise.  But you will notice the lather it adds to the soap.

  • If I get pulled over by the cops, can I blame it on the beer?

Good try….  But no!

  • Do you use the bi-products or the actual beer?

Both… we use spent grains, hops and actual beer.  Learn more about the process here!

Check out our other questions here and leave comments below for any additional you have! We’d love to answer them!


Sustainable, Renewable…. Homebrewed Beer Soap May 03, 2017 00:00

Spiced Ale Beer Soap

We often get the question, “Is your Beer Soap made from by-products of beer?” So today, we are going to dive deep into answering that question.  

There are three main by-products from brewing beer:  spent (aka used) grains, hops, and yeast. We use two of these three in our soaps. Spent grain is added to our Spiced Ale Beer Soap, while spent hops (which are also homegrown) are add to all of our IPA soaps.  Both are added as texture to the soaps to aide in exfoliation and smoothing rougher areas of your skin..(think feet!) Learn how to dry your own spent grain HERE

Now what about the beer?  Are we ‘wasting’ beer to make soap?  We DO actually use the beer.  A lot of beer is wasted when it goes down the drain during keg transfer and tap line clearing. So, we use that otherwise 'wasted' beer to make our beer soap.  

So the answer is yes. We use the by-products of brewing beer as much as possible!  Now you can confidently know that by using our soaps, you are keeping beer from going down the drain, and grains / hops from going into the land fill.

Bathing With Brew has never been so much fun!



Handmade Tea Soap Giveaway April 21, 2017 07:30 3 Comments

Tea Soap Collection - Green Tea Soap - Chai Tea Soap

That’s right, we are giving away our latest and greatest: The Tea Time Soap Collection! Why you ask? Well, we are in love with their new look! If you are fans of ours, you will know that we have been making tea soap since the beginning. But I always felt that there was something not quite right about the packaging.  After months of deliberation, I had an ‘AHHA’ moment and I knew what the packaging needed…. it needed to look like tea!  Now, each soap is packed in a tea bag (which I think is pretty damn cute!) And guess what, you can win a set! All you have to do is one of the following.  If you do all three, you have three chances of winning. Here’s the details:

The contest will run on April 26 from 9:00am to 11:59pm( PST).

  1. Sign-up for our VIP newsletter. Don’t worry, I won’t be emailing you everyday (you can do that right now!!!) Here you get deals and specials before everyone else. If you already are signed up, you are entered into the drawing automatically. (Make sure you confirm you signed up in your email or your entry doesn’t count.) Most importantly, you get 10% off for just signing up!  That's a gift right there!!!

  2. Like our Facebook Page and tag a friend on the giveaway post.  Tell them in the comments why you appreciate them.

  3. Like our Instagram Page and tag a friend on the giveaway post.  Tell them in the comments why you appreciate them.

So good luck everyone! I’m so excited to send (the winner) a set!


Eligibility… The promotion is open to any legal U.S. residents residing in any of the 50 United States, who are 21 years of age or older.

All the comments posted after 11:59 PM PST on April 26 will not be eligible to win.

WINNING AND NOTIFICATION… One winner will be selected at random from all eligible entries from the giveaway post. The winner will be declared in the post the day after the contest ends and he/she should contact us within one week to claim their prize.  The winner will also be contacted by us!


The BEST Smelling IPA Homebrewed Beer Soap EVER!!! (AKA Fierce Soap Meets Beer SOAP) February 23, 2017 16:07

IPA Homebrewed Beer Soap with Cascade Hops

‘Get Some’ Beer Soap by far is the best smelling beer soap I've ever smelled.  It’s scent is pretty damn close to Abercrombie & Fitch's Fierce Cologne. Think grain, cardamom, lemon, orange and fir. YUM!!!

When my husband bathe’s with this beer soap, I always joke with him that he might be ‘gettin’ some’ that night (wink wink)!

To top off this amazing scented soap, we add homegrown cascade hops as an exfoliant. Believe it our not, we grow 11 different varieties of hops in our backyard

So get a bar of our 'Get Some' IPA Beer Soap and let me know how your evening goes 😳… and while you're at it, try our Tobacco IPA and or Unscented IPA. We’ve also conveniently packaged them in a Three Pack for you! 

Bathe responsibly,


Hey everybody today is our birthday! Not just mine, but Eric’s as well. I know it's kind of weird, huh?  Yes, we were born on the same day four-years apart, and it gets even weirder because we met on our birthday.  It’s kinda a long story, but here is the synopsis. We were just two teachers working at the same school, that happened to fall in love, get married, have three kids, started brewing beer, then started making soap and the rest was history. 

To celebrate our birthday we want to offer FREE SHIPPING through the entire month of January. That means you can buy one bar of soap or 20 bars of soap and they are all shipped to you… FREE!  That’s right!  FREE!!!!!   We also are having a huge sale as well.  Check out our SALE tab and you can get an additional 10% off by signing up for newsletter by clicking on the Discount tab!

So.. happy birthday to us means happy birthday to you!


Handbrewed Soaps Shipping Deadlines 2016 December 11, 2016 00:00

Make sure you get Handbrewed Soaps shipped to you in time for Christmas! Here are the deadlines to make that possible!

Shipping Deadline Handbrewed Soaps 2016

Buy 3 Soaps Get An Additional 1 FREE!!! November 27, 2016 07:16

Free Soap you say?  Hells YAAAAA! 

November 28 is the day. All. Day.  For every three soaps you buy, you get an additional bar of soap for FREE.  All you have to do is tell us your choices in the special instructions at checkout!  It's that easy!

So you may be asking yourself...  if I buy a three bar gift set, will I get an extra free bar? YUP.  If I order a six pack of soap, will I get 2 additional bars for free?  YUP, again.  The bottom line is: if you buy gift sets or single bars, we just add the total amount of bars in your order and give you an additional free bar for every 3 bars purchased.  It's that simple!

So rack up those free bars of soap, think multiples of 3!

Behind The Brew: The Building of the Handbrewed Soaps Studios May 26, 2016 22:40

Handbrewed Soaps Studio - Sheds

Sometimes there needs to be a separation between soap and family. In 2014, my awesome Father came up with a brilliant idea.  This idea was spurred by the fact that he couldn’t distinguish where my kitchen and living room began and where my soaping ventures ended.  Everything was mixed together.  “Hey Alyson, have you ever though of getting a soap studio?”           

 Of course I had, but our business was not making enough money to pay Bay Area rent.  Though we had an extra bedroom, our family was expanding, and we needed it for a bedroom! Instantly, we both looked out into the backyard, which at the time was filled with weeds (aka a blank slate to build and grow things on!)    To make a REALLLY long story short, by the following Fall, I had my soap studio, empty, but a studio!  We went with Casita Shed of Castro Valley,CA to construct the studio. If you look at their prices, it beats the price on any Home Depot / Lowe’s shed by square footage and the labor was included in the cost.  The fact that it went up in two days was AWESOME. I recommend them to anyone who has the ability to add one to their backyard!  It was so affordable, that we built two…  his and her studios… now everyone’s happy!  I highly recommend this Bay Area Company.  We had a great experience! 


Handbrewedsoaps Logo  Bathtub BeerWhen you first think of the bathtub and soap you kind of go, “Yea right! Soap gets you clean so of course they have a bathtub for a logo.” But that wasn't exactly what we were going for. OUR bathtub stands for ‘bad-ass-ness’, innovation, and a ‘sock it to the man’ attitude!!! We’re not a pamper yourself kind of soap company; we’re a get your hands dirty, DIY kind of people. We find solutions and ‘work arounds’ when we are told you can’t do something.

Our logo pays homage to the original innovators, ‘the forefathers and foremothers’ of the liquor movement. They were the innovators of the Prohibition Era  (otherwise know as bootleggers) that brewed beer, wine, whiskey, and gin in their bathtubs.

The bathtub had two important rolls in the Prohibition Era. Many times water was added to grain alcohol to produce liquor. The bottles that needed to be filled with water were often too big to be filled from the kitchen sink; so many bootleggers used the bathtub tap. As bootleggers grew their operations, the bathtub was used to mix grain alcohol, flavoring, and water. The bathtub was one of the biggest vessels large enough to make brew for consumer demands, but created a small enough operation to go undetected by law enforcement.

Though Prohibition ended on December 5, 1933, brewing homebrew beer didn't actually become legal until 1978. This law's basically says that any person can legally ferment 200 gallons of beer or wine each year tax-free! Cheers to US!

So there you have it! We aren’t just your average soap company, with a bathtub as a logo… We are Handbrewed Soaps… a soap company that honors those that think outside the box, that understands the importance of getting good beer out to the masses, and the importance of getting clean after a dirty job!  Cheers!

Keep a look out for our Famous Bootlegger Series!

(Photo credit goes to our awesome friend Shamir! Thanks for letting us use your picture!)

Our Wine Soaps Have a New Look April 05, 2016 14:58

Wine Soap Handbrewed SoapsThe time is here: The launch of our wine soap! 

“But you already have wine soap, so what gives?” you might be thinking.

Yes, you are right, but they have a completely new look!

 I’ve been AGONIZING about rebranding our wine soaps for the past year. I’ve been struggling with finding the right scent and look for these soaps. About 6 months ago, with the help of many “testers,” I was able to hone in on the right scent. But the packaging wasn’t 'poppin’ for me. I was using our tried and true cigar bands that all of our soaps have been wrapped in at some point. I decided to keep them that way until I figured it out. Then about two months ago… it all came together.

 I was surfing the world wide web for wine, and I found a REALLY cool stock photo of a wine stain from the bottom of a glass. “THAT’S IT!” I yelled out. Immediately I sent the idea to the coolest graphic designer, Julie from Urban Bird Design, and we figured out how to wrap these babies!

 So may I present our ‘newest’ additions to Handbrewed Soaps. Please meet Merlot, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Noir!


SIDE NOTE: You can find them on our website or at these local locations: Hatch and Modern Mouse. If you want them at a store near you (so that you don’t have to pay shipping) ask a store to carry our soaps!