Sustainable, Renewable…. Homebrewed Beer Soap

Sustainable, Renewable…. Homebrewed Beer Soap

Spiced Ale Beer Soap

We often get the question, “Is your Beer Soap made from by-products of beer?” So today, we are going to dive deep into answering that question.  

There are three main by-products from brewing beer:  spent (aka used) grains, hops, and yeast. We use two of these three in our soaps. Spent grain is added to our Spiced Ale Beer Soap, while spent hops (which are also homegrown) are add to all of our IPA soaps.  Both are added as texture to the soaps to aide in exfoliation and smoothing rougher areas of your skin..(think feet!) Learn how to dry your own spent grain HERE

Now what about the beer?  Are we ‘wasting’ beer to make soap?  We DO actually use the beer.  A lot of beer is wasted when it goes down the drain during keg transfer and tap line clearing. So, we use that otherwise 'wasted' beer to make our beer soap.  

So the answer is yes. We use the by-products of brewing beer as much as possible!  Now you can confidently know that by using our soaps, you are keeping beer from going down the drain, and grains / hops from going into the land fill.

Bathing With Brew has never been so much fun!



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