Take back your life

STOP THIS TRAIN: Take Back Your Life

Take back your life

Life is a train, a runaway train, that is going 100 mph.  It travels on the path of least resistance. It LOVES to pick up speed by going down hills.  It rarely goes up one, because hey, that would be to.much.work.

Each car has a life of it’s own, with it’s own needs, wants, and desires.  There’s the ‘Work Car.’  The ‘Family Car.’  The ‘Health Car’.  There could be a ‘I Can’t Believe That Happened Car’ filled with embarrassing moments or even painful  situations. Or how about the  ‘Yes Car’ that is filled with people and activities that you said yes to, but now you’d rather stick a fork in your eye than do whatever you commented to.     

What if I told you this is your train, this is your life?  Where are you in this weird analog?

Are you on the sidelines, watching your train go by while munching off of a bag of popcorn?  Or are you’re throwing rocks at it attempting to slow it down?  Are you in between cars trying to detach specific cars to lighten the load? Are you the train attendant collecting tickets and entertaining your passengers by getting them drinks, food and everything else they need?  Or are you a passenger, seated by a window, singing John Mayers hit song, ‘Stop the Train’?

Girl, I feel all of these scenarios, and I’ve played each of these parts depending on the season of my life.  I often go back into some of these roles because it’s easy, it’s what I know!  But I try my hardest to play a new role.  The one of the conductor. 

You see, the conductor is the one who coordinates the crew, the passengers and the activities on the train.  The conductor makes the decisions of where to stop off, who to let on, what cars need to be dropped, what cars need to be added, and what hills to go up.  The conductor has the vision of where to take the train.  The train may get derailed at times, but the conductor  asks and answers the hard questions to get the train back on track.

What I’m trying to say is:  Ride that train like a conductor on a hot day! (I have no idea what that means.)  But ask those hard questions to get your train back on track. 

  • Is this where I want to go?

  • Do I need this person or situation in your life?

  • Is this situation making me better than I was yesterday?

By asking questions like these, you can choose which direction you go in.  You can choose who you let rid with you. You can choose to drop off a few cars that are holding you back. You become the conduct.

So, who’s all aboard?

And of course, may I present, the lovely John Mayer...

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