Beer soap, soap people, new ways to work with social media

Soap People and Social Media

Beer soap, soap people, new ways to work with social media

If you’ve been hanging out with us on social media the past few weeks, you’ve noticed that there is less pictures of Eric and me, and more video of “soap people.” It’s kinda weird.  It’s like I’m playing with dolls.  I dress them up, give them eyeballs, and make them have funny conversations with one another. There’s nothing too abnormal about that right?

Well, I’m going to say right.  Because this is what I think is abnormal… the ad cultural on social media.

First of all, don’t get all excited and jump all over me.  Hear me out.

As a small business owner, I know that social media provides a free space to get the word out about my soaps.  I get to connect with costumers and my community in a much bigger way than I could without it. And that I am very thankful for.

I am also aware that there is a dark side of social media.  I get affected by it, and I know many of you do too.  I have had to take many breaks from social media to ground myself and remember why I am on it in the first place. I want to connect with you, as authentically as possible.

But I found myself, connecting in a way that wasn’t authentic.  I was doing what everyone else was doing because it seemed to be working for them.  And when I started to take pictures of myself with the creased nose thingy (you know what I’ve taking about?), I knew I had gone over board and that’s not me or my soap company.

My soap company, is quirky and funny and at times bizarre.  We make primarily alcoholic soaps when we ourselves are in our second year of sobriety.  We aren’t a big company and we don’t want to be.  We want to buy groceries for our family and send our kids to music and gymnastic lessons.

We want to put a smile on your face.  We want to be a presence on social media that makes you feel good and think to yourself, “Damn, that was the stupidest (but in a good way) thing I’ve ever seen!”

Maybe you buy our soaps, maybe you don’t.  But you remember us… We’re that soap company that makes silly soap people videos.

Wishing you the best day ever!  Continue brewing your best life!


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