Sneak Peak Into The Inside of the Handbrewed Soaps Studio

Sneak Peak Into The Inside of the Handbrewed Soaps Studio

Having my own designated, private space for soaping is a game changer for our little company and my mental health.  Having a soap studio gives me room to make make more soap in the same amount of time that I was making smaller batches (think mass batching), and a worry free environment of my kids getting into my supplies (sodium hydroxide and kids equals a really bad situation)!  Most importantly, I had a place to go that I was uninterrupted.  So yes, I crank up the music when I make soap. 

Though it is a small space (16 x 10 space), I have to be smart about how it is organized.  Half of the room has countertops, while the remaining walls house my 4-curring racks, and 5-gallon buckets that contain my oils.

I no longer use burners to heat my oils.  Instead I use heating bands that wrap around my buckets.  I also use a space heater to warm the room to a nice 90 degrees when I heat the oils the night before I make soap.

Shelving parallels the ceiling for tools and smaller molds.  All of my oils and sodium hydroxide are stored under the containers or in the backroom behind the studio.

For now, this space works great. It is definitely better than my previous arrangement. It is hard to get two people in here when I’m making a lot of soap, but we can do it.

Do you have a private room or area for your craft?  What is the benefits of it?

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