Reminder: Mother's Day Is MAY 10! Wine Soaps ARE 20% off

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Hey Friend.

Maternal Important Person Day (aka Mother’s Day) is in a few days. The exact day is May 10. Why a reminder?  Well, your days might be running together. A day feels like a week, and a week feels like a year.  
It doesn’t feel right to be pushing product this year, though our wine soaps (actually all of our soaps) help fight against covid.  By the way, these babies are 20% off!

What does feel right is to give you a swift kick in the rear-end to remind you to do what matters most.  Spend time with your loved ones- call or zoom with the maternal people in your life.  Better yet, send them a handwritten letter.  
Whether you are still sheltering in place, or you are free to roam your state, this Mother’s Day will be different.  Embrace it. 


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