Our Perfectly Imperfect Soap Is Not So Cute, But Completely Usable Soap.

Alyson Swihart Brewing Soap

Making soap is a very exact process of measurements and temperatures. As a soapmaker, I have to be very aware of all of this.  But, there is a point when I have to let the soap process take over and hope that the soap will turnout like I've planned. Most of the time it does, and sometimes it doesn't.  Maybe there was a draft in the room, or a measurement was slightly off.  Either way, the soaps appearance isn't so cute.

In the spirit of not disgarding the less desirable, I offer you the Perfectly Imperfect Beer Soap.  May you see the beauty in this not so beautiful bar! (And, they are marked half off! HERE)

Here is the story of 'the batch of perfectly imperfect... 'The Pub.'

I went into the soap studio with the intent of making 300 bars of soap. But I came out with 200 sellable bars.
I was sad. Something had gone wrong.
I used the same procedure 100s of times. I watched my temperatures, I watched my measurements, but the soap formed before the fragrance got mixed in (ricing).
When the ricing happened, I had to move quickly, getting the soap into the models and just pray that the soap would be ok.
So those 100 bars sat there. I let them cure for 30 days like all my other soaps. I finally had the courage to look at them. They looked horrible. There was ashing within the bar, some had developed weird spots. They were just plain ugly.
On the bright side, they were usable. There was nothing wrong with them, just ugly. ⠀⠀

I find that we (people in general) are fast to discard things if they aren’t pretty or perfect. Believe me, at first, I was about to ditch all 100 bars. But on closer examination of each bar, I actually began to see each ones beauty. As in most handmade products, no one was exactly the same. Well, this exemplified that saying.
So I decided to keep them and offer them to those that see the beauty in these not so beautiful bars. May I introduce to you, the Perfectly Imperfect Beer Soap! 

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