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Our Partnership With The Oakland Museum of California

Handbrewed Soaps , Oakland Museum of California

My dad grew up in Oakland.

I grew up in Oakland.

My kids are growing up in Oakland.

That’s why, when the gift shop owner of The Oakland Museum of California, placed an order with us at the Indie Market Trade Show, I about peed myself.

The Oakland Museum has been a center piece in many Oaklanders life, from attending it’s exhibits as kids on fieldtrips, to attending it’s Friday Night Out where local artists and food trucks congregated.  It is a space that brings people together to showcase artist's work that invokes conversation.

Believe it or not, but fresh out of college (I majored in Museum Studies) I applied to be a part of the Oakland Museum's Education Department.  I obviously didn’t get the job, but having our soaps and candles in their gift store is just as good.

The Oakland Pride runs deep here at Handbrewed Soaps.  Three Oakland Unified Teachers and three generations of Oaklanders, support and help run this small little company.  Now go out there and support Oakland… it’s the best ‘Town’ I know.

So Oaklanders, what memories do you have of the Oakland Museum?

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