Our First Bulk Order - What That Means For You

Our First Bulk Order - What That Means For You

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It’s a big day for our little soap company!

Yep… we bought in bulk.  You may be asking yourself, “Why is that important?”  Well,  it translates into lower pricing for you, our customers!

As like everything, prices are CONSTANTLY rising.  For us, olive oil and coconut oil have gone through the roof.  Did you know that there was an olive oil shortage a year ago?  That was a crazy experience.  Just to get olive oil, I had to know when my supplier was going to receive a shipment and be there that day to buy it.  The supplier could only get his hands on a couple of boxes at a time and often times didn’t know when the next shipment would come in. This also caused the price of this fabulous oil to increase.  Talk about stressful for everyone!

Coconut oil hasn’t gone through scarcity yet… but it has become very popular.  Everyone wants coconut oil for cooking, beauty products, and general health.  (Side note:  Have you ever had a chocolate fat bomb…. YUM! It’s made with coconut oil.)  Anyhoo… because it is a very popular oil, the price has increased. You know how it goes, supply and demand! The GREAT news is… by buying these things in bulk….  I am able to get them at a reasonable price and I don’t have to increase prices.

So a few weeks ago, I got my first pallet of supplies.  A semi truck arrived in front of our house and Steve the truck driver with a pallet lifter, drove the supplies through our backyard and into our soap studio. See Steve below.

soap ingredients, coffee soap, soap made in Oakland, beer soap, wine soap

We are set and all because of you.  Your purchases have allowed us the ability to buy in bulk which we can then make soap for you without increasing the prices!  Now that's a symbiotic relationship!

Thank YOU!

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