One Year of Sobriety - The Journey Continues

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the journey of sobriety, staying sober

Well, I did it. A little over a year ago I stopped drinking alcohol.  It's kind of a big deal.  I honestly feel like I can do anything.  If I can stop drinking, I can definitely change any habit if I want.  

I'm also aware this journey has just begun.  I have taken off the alcohol filter that I have been wearing for 20 years, and there is a sense of awakening brewing. It's an awakening to the knowledge that things that I found interesting or fun before, are no longer that.  It's an awakening to how much I numbed myself to deal with issues that really bothered me (the news, the downfall of our environment, the humanitarian crisis).  Dare I say that I numbed so I didn't have to truly know myself and why I'm here on this planet? Alcohol was my privileged escapism.  

It's been a year of not drinking. That was the focus of that year.  Not Drinking.  As I enter year two, I wrestle with the question who am I now? What am I going to do with what I now see in the world?

I know I am going to take small steps, follow bread crumbs I find along my path. I wonder where they are going to lead me.  Most importantly, I'm going be aware.  I'm going to be conscious.  I'm going to be awake.

Happy Sober Birthday To ME!


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  • Yolanda A Hernandez on

    Congrats Alyson!! Way to go! Very nice milestone!

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