mobile shower, Oakland Soap, Keep Oakland Healthy Soap

Local Supporting Local: LavaMaex - Providing Showers To Our Unhoused Neighbors

mobile shower, Oakland Soap, Keep Oakland Healthy Soap

 Meet Annie.  She is the Donation Director of LavaMaeX East Bay Division.  This was one of the first organizations I reached out to get soap into the hands of the most vulnerable in Oakland during the CoronaVirus Pandemic.

I witnessed first hand the magic of their mobile shower units on 23rd Ave and East 12St months ago.  I was blown away by the concept. It was so cool and much needed.  

Six months later, with the Corona Virus outbreak, they were the first I thought of to reach out too.  I had no problem remembering the name of the organization. Let's be honest, their logo and mission is super memorable. Here's what they are about:

"Everything we do is rooted in Radical Hospitality® — our philosophy of meeting people wherever they are with extraordinary care. It began with an idea to convert a public transportation bus into showers and toilets on wheels to fill the massive gap in sanitation access our unhoused neighbors faced. We quickly learned that how you serve is just as critical as the service itself and so our philosophy of Radical Hospitality® was born."

I am honored to donate single use bars this organization.  I dropped off ~200 and plan to drop off more.  If you are interested in their location schedule click HERE.

If you feel so inclined to help us get soap into the hands of those that need it the most, feel free to purchase this bar.  It will help us buy supplies to make more soap so that people don't need to worry (as much) about staying healthy.  We of course, are donating much of our materials and time to make this happen. Your help would make a larger impact.

Cheers Ya'll! Keep Brewing Your Best.  And remember to serve it to others!


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