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Last Call On Our Beer Candles

There are some changes happening at our little soap company.  And we are getting back to our mission of supplying our customers with the best damn brew soap we have to offer.  So, it's our last call on beer candles.

We have carried our beer candles for the past year.  And while it’s been going great, we have decided to go back to the basics, literally. Because we are a little company and we get spread thin quick. 

“Well, hire some damn people then to help you,” you might be thinking.  And while this is a great idea , at this point in the game, it is just better to close the line down.  We might bring them back.  But for now, this is the best thing from Handbrewed Soaps.

So, with that being said, we are cutting out candle prices by 40%. We’ve already cut the price so there is no need for a coupon code at check out. 

There is a limited number of each, so get them while they are in stock. 

HERE is a fun tutorial on how to care for your candle, and HERE is a post about the surprise each candle has!!!


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