Just Start:  Shutting Down Your Inner Saboteur

Just Start: Shutting Down Your Inner Saboteur

My daughter didn’t want to go to her vocal lesson.  Honestly, she didn’t want to do anything. Sitting on the couch was just fine with her.  Nevertheless, I made her go.  She grumbled the whole car ride there. Mentioning the injustices of being forced to go and that she already knew how to sing....AHH the preteen years.After the lesson.  Her mood was incredibly different. 

“Oh my gosh mom, that was so much fun!  Wow, did you know that if I positioned my mouth like an O that I could get a whole new sound?” She proclaimed.

“What changed,” I asked, “from a torturous lesson, to the best lesson ever?”

“Well, it's like everything, I’m fine when I get there, it’s just starting or going that is the hard part,” she replied.

Isn’t that the truth, STARTING IS THE HARDEST PART.

Can you relate? It is so much easier not to do anything than to get off your ass to do the thing that brings you joy.  It happens to me ALL. THE. TIME.  Though I hate to admit it. I’ve been putting off 1) the book that I want to write, 2)the exercise on a daily basis thang, and 3) the participation in a monthly service project goal. Though I know that these are things that will bring me joy to do (I feel called to do them), I’ve put them off because it’s easier to do nothing.  

Doing the work is hard.  You might have to learn something new, step out of family and cultural norms, and dare I say, endure some pain? You might have to confront some inner demons. Your mind doesn’t want to do any of this.  It wants to stay safe in the land of the status quo.  Your mind is going to throw tantrums to get you to stop doing the work. Your mind will insist that it already knows this new skill. It’ll tell you you aren’t good enough, that the new thing is not perfect to share with others. It’ll tell you that people will laugh at you. Your mind will sabotage you with lies.   

So how do you shut down your inner saboteur?

  1. Get an accountability buddy
  2. Make it a priority and do it first thing
  3. Ignore those inner voices by JUST STARTING.  Remember how you are going to feel after you do it.

Brewing your best life often times means Just Starting.  Oftentimes you have to START again, over and over..  You will fall into the saboteurs' vises. But don’t give in to it, by staying there.  Just Start again. And again. And again.  Do the work!

So, what is stopping you from brewing your best life?

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