I Commit To Donating As Much Soap As I Can To The Most Vulnerable In Oakland

I Commit To Donating As Much Soap As I Can To The Most Vulnerable In Oakland

I met a friend to go on a walk last night, and it was erie. The streets of Oakland were dead. No one was out. It was like a scene out of The Walking Dead. You knew people were around, but you couldn't see them. 

People are planning for doomsday. They are buying up supplies right and left, leaving only dust bunnies on the shelves. First, it was hand sanitizer, then disinfectant wipes, now water and toilet paper. The fascinating part is a few of these people are then reselling these products at a much higher price. Hand sanitizer that once was $2 is now $100. (OMG!)

It sickens me (no pun intended) that we are doing this to one another. People are profiting off someone's pain, not coming together to help those that are the most vulnerable, so worried that we won't have enough, that we need to hoard supplies taking resources away from those that need it the most.

Well, it's time to rewrite the narrative on this coronavirus. Instead of actions that cause fear and panic, let's hear what the community is doing to help each other. I'll go first. I'll donate soap to those that are the most vulnerable. More specifically, I'll donate soap to organizations that are working with the most vulnerable- getting soap into their hands faster.

I am committed to 'Brewing My Best, and Serving It To Others.'

How are you serving your best to the community during this crazy time?

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