How To Plan A Brew Calendar

How To Plan A Brew Calendar

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Creating a brew calendar can make your life a little easier in the brew department. It allows you to create less waste in the long run, and bring more intention to what you are brewing.  By setting aside an hour of time to plan now, can save you hours of future planning down the road.  Planning an entire year might be to much (well it is for us), so let’s try for 6 months.  Here’s what you need to figure out:

Ask Your Self Some Hard Questions-  How often do you want to brew? Weekly? Monthly? We have decide to brew monthly.

Start With Your Wish List- Take the brew list you developed earlier and start there.  Note how you want to brew it - All Grain? Starter kit?  Will you be bottling or kegging it?  All of these factors impact the time it takes to get to your final brew.

Decide What To Brew When-  Oftentimes we get so excited that we brew a lot of different varieties within weeks of each other.  This causes a huge problem as we can not drink, cook, or make soap out of it fast enough. Then the beer goes bad…..NOOOO!   That is why a brew calendar is sacred and being intentional about brewing is SOO important this year. We have looked at the calendar, taken in consideration holidays, birthdays, major life events and have set our brewing around that. 

“Hey, Aunt Martha and Uncle Tom’s 50th anniversary is in May.  They love a hoppy beer, let’s make a IPA!” You know, stuff like that!

Calendar it- Yep, write it all on a calendar and review it weekly.  This also helps you streamline.  Eric and I decided that at this point in our lives (with three kiddos) devoting a whole day to brewing was unrealistic.  So our brew nights are going to be on Wednesday evenings devoting no more that 3 hours to the process.

Whatever works for you, do that.  And if the schedule doesn’t work for you, redo it to make it manageable.  

Just remember to keep on Brewin’! 

Join us on this process as we continue our series on 2018 Brewing.  Next week we will explore how to stop making excuses for why we don't brew!


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