How to Make A Wine Bottle Centerpiece

How to Make A Wine Bottle Centerpiece

How to make a wine bottle centerpiece

Planning a wedding, a bridal shower or hosting a wine tasting party where you need cheap wine decoration STAT? Well here is the Wine Bottle Craft for you! It’s a Twine Wrapped Wine Bottle!  

What you need:

  1. Wine Bottle 

  2. Twine

  3. Hot Glue

  4. Purple Stones

  5. Greenery

Putting this together will take you less than 15 minutes.  But I’ll be honest, wrapping the bottles around the curves can be tricky, so prepare yourself to be patient when you get to the neck of the bottle.

Start at the base by securing the twine with hot glue.  Start the wrap.  Half way around the bottle on your first lap, apply more hot glue, and then again when you finish your first lap.  It’s important to set a sturdy foundation.  I would use this gluing pattern for the first 10 laps.  They you have do it less frequently as you wrap.  

Once you get to the neck, a more frequent gluing pattern will start again.  You’ll just know when to glue.  By this point, you will be a pro.

Hot glue your stones on the bottle in a grape pattern.  I planned it out ahead of time by arranging it on my counter as I am not the most artistic person (it would most likely look like a blob if I didn’t do this).

Last but not least, add you greenery and if in doubt, watch our video below!

Have Fun and Cheers


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