How To Listen To The Earth.  American Recycle Day. November 15.

How To Listen To The Earth. American Recycle Day. November 15.

I often wonder if our planet is trying to tell us something. I actually know she is. Mother Earth gives us hints that she's sick and needs our help. How many hints have been given to us this year? She sent us a pandemic, probably thinking, "That should stop them in their tracks." It did. The world stopped for about four weeks collectively. Do you remember how clean the air was? I try to remember those four weeks. How different the colors of the world were. How everything looked vibrate. How you could hear differently as the planes no longer few overhead and the traffic stopped. For a short bit of time, the Earth could breathe. Could take a break. Could heal.

I write these thoughts because today is American Recycles Day. And though it's one of those unofficial holidays, I suppose it is there to remind us to do our part—something we should do every day.

Today calls me to ponder how Mother Earth still needs to breathe. I am examining what I consume and how it's packaged. -Damn, there is a lot of packaging, especially plastic.-

As I move forward, I will make sure I buy products with little plastic and more recyclable packaging options. I will bring my OWN bags when I shop, and when this pandemic is over, I will use my OWN cup at the local coffee shop.

So, where does this leave Handbrewed Soaps? Well, we have changed all of our packaging to cardboard boxes, making them easily recyclable. (Remember when we wrapped our wine soaps in organza bags?) We also use recycled shipping packaging 90% of the time.

We will continue to improve our recycling practices at Handbrewed Soaps to be Earth sustaining as possible. We only have one Earth; let's give her a little love.

Any other cool ways that you recycle or reuse you'd like to share?

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