How To Find Humor With The Impending Coronavirus Apocalypse

How To Find Humor With The Impending Coronavirus Apocalypse


This past Saturday, I went to Target to stock up on my newest favorite drink, Cranberry Tangerine Sparkling Water. Everyone else and their dog was there too, restocking for DOOMSDAY. Imagine Plaid Friday, but instead of people fighting over TV's, they were fighting over Clorox wipes and tomato soup. I did what anyone else in this situation would do; I headed to the first aid aisle and grabbed Rubbing Alcohol. I was going to DIY my way out of this impending apocalypse.

Why Rubbing Alcohol, you ask? Well, it's the base to all those cleaning products people were fighting over- disinfectant wipes, sprays, and hand sanitizer. You can make all of them for a fraction of the price. So I will leave this video right here for you, with the hopes that it brings you a smile and recipe that may come in handy one day.



But seriously, the best way to stay healthy is to get enough sleep, eat your veggies and was your hands with SOAP and water.

Stay Healthy My Friends!

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