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How My College Entrance Essay Foreshadowed My Life: 3 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

My college entrance essay was one simple question, “If you could only possess 3 things to succeed in this world, what would they be?” Without much hesitation, I wrote down coffee, a piece of paper, and a pencil.  Oh, the foreshadow to these choices.

If I remember correctly, I choose coffee to give me a kick start to my day, and a time to reflect on my thoughts and goals (pretty damn deep for a 17 year old if I say so myself).  But if we look 20 years forward from that essay, who would have thought that a cup of brew would not only wake me up in the morning, but that I would start a business around it. 

As for the paper and pencil, those tools would be used to brainstorm, plan, take notes, and create ideas for any endeavor I took on. Again, propelling myself over the next 20 years, those tools became very handy as a teacher turned non profit education director/ grant writer / small business owner/ mom.

Now the real question is, if I were to write that essay again now, would I change those three items?  I think the answer would be no.  Those three things have been pretty damn handy and my 17 year old self knew that I could craft some amazing things out of them.  So I think I’m going to summon my 17 year old self more, because she knows me pretty well.

What are your three things you can't live without?

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