How Long Does Handbrewed Soaps Last?

How Long Does Handbrewed Soaps Last?

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A soaps life depends on many factors, it’s ingredients and how the user cares for the soap.

The combinations of oils determine how soft or hard your bar is.  A hard bar will have a very long life but tends to be more drying to your skin. A soft bar tends to provide more moisture to your skin but doesn’t last so long. 

For us at Handbrewed Soaps, our mission is to provide you with a bar that is hard enough to last long, yet soft enough to provide the moisture your skin needs.  Yep, it is a pretty hard line to balance, until you create (or brew up) the best recipe.  I’d say we did that here at Handbrewed Soaps.

Our family (family of 5), obviously uses Handbrewed Soaps exclusively as body and hand soap. We also make sure we take care of our soap to prolong its life.  That means, we make sure that the soap is never in direct water and that our soap dish allows our soap to dry out between uses.  As a result, our soap when used as body soap lasts up to a month. When used just for the hands, I'd say it lasts 2-3 months.

The life of your soap really depends on how you treat it.  If you keep it out of water and let it dry out between uses, your soap will last a very long time!

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