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Brew The Life You've Always Wanted: How I Stay Committed To My Goals?

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SIDE NOTE: I've been trying really hard to fit into the concept of brewing not just being about beverages, but as a concept of self improvement.  Something to the effect of "Brewing the Life You've Always Wanted."  Well, here is my chance because September is Self - Improvement Month. 

I know, I get it.  I do it often.  I make these goals and by the end of the week, I’m like, what goals?  I give up…. NEXT!

But what really keeps us from sticking with a goal?  Well, I can only answer for myself, so here is my theory.

  • We bite off more than we can chew.

  • We make these big goals and don’t realize that in order to get there, we have to cut it down (we recommend the sharpest steak knife you have) into bite size pieces. What do I mean?

How to cut those goals into do-able steps:

1) Make your goal specific with a goal date.  I want to lose weight does not work.  How about this: 

 I will lose ten pounds in the next thirty days. (Also notice the verb change.)

2) Then ask your self why this goal is important.  That’s your why.  That’s the reason you will stick to your goal. 

 I will lose ten pounds in the next thirty days BECAUSE I want to have the energy and strength to keep up with kids. 

3) Then ask yourself how are you going to do it.  

I will lose ten pounds in the next thirty days BY exercising every day for 30 minutes and eating low carb meals.

4) Finally, calendar it.  Figure out when is the best time is to exercise and meal prep, put it in your calendar and get it done.  

Final tip. Get a buddy to hold you accountable.  If it's to lose weight, find a new job, or (dare I say) cut back on drinking, find a buddy you can text to give updates on your progress.  Having someone cheer you on will help you 100% meet your goals.

Keep up the good work!  Cheers,



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