Help Us Design Our Newest Line Of Soaps

Help Us Design Our Newest Line Of Soaps

Shakespeare asks,” What’s in a name?” and I answer everything!  2020 has so many meanings.  You’ve got the reference to eye site: 2020 perfect vision. You also have the play on words with Tea:  TwenTEA – TwenTEA.

So I see this as the universe serving me the perfect pitch on the direction of where to take Handbrewed Soaps.  More on this later, but this is gist:

Our message is still the same. Brew Your Best Life, Then Serve It To Others. However this year, we are going to narrow that message to focus on how to help you (and us) staying true to the vision we have for our lives while brewing a $&it load of tea (& tea soap). 

So there you have it.

In April we will reveal our newest line. We would love for you to get involved in the design, by answering the following questions. 



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