Handbrewed Soaps Goes To Australia! October 27, 2016 10:52

Paterson Tavern

Photo Credit: http://publocation.com.au

Eric and I are extremely happy to report… you can find Handbrewed Soaps down under! Yes, the next time you are in Australia (Paterson to be exact), stop by the Paterson Tavern, have a drink and take a homebrewed bar of soap home with you too!

The coolest thing about partnering with them is the amazing history of the Paterson Tavern. Catch this:

In the early 19th Century, Paterson Tavern was the first commercial hotel in the area. It provided food and drinks to the locals. Eventually it expanded to a coach depot and became a popular destination for travelers. Today, it is still a popular destination, known for its’ great selection in beer !

Now that’s something we can get behind!!!