Handbrewed Soaps Brewery and Winery Rating System

Brewery Rating System

So you may have noticed, we’ve developed a rating system when talking about breweries or wineries. And if you know anything about us, we take it SUPER seriously (wink, wink!) Our ratings are on a 5 point system: 1 being lame-o and 5 being the bestest ever. There are two main things we look for at a brewing company or a winery. First, it’s the beverages they serve. Do we like it or not… and why. Second, its how “family-friendly” the atmosphere is. These things are important to us because at this point in our lives… we want a place that serves a good drink, and it’s a place we can bring the kids. Take our system with a grain of salt though. Family friendly-ness is extremely important to us because we have reproduced like rabbits and have three kids. You on the other hand, might not. So our 5 (meaning damn awesome), might rate a 1 with you because you might be looking for a hot boo in an establishment that has kids in it, and that’s not your thing. So please, take everything we say with a grain of salt, it’s our opinion…


As for beer, we are hoppy people. Get it? Hoppy People? … (Happy People…I know it’s horrible beer humor!) Seriously, we like hoppy beers. Rarely do we give out 5’s. Five’s are like finding the Fountain of Youth. We haven’t discovered it yet. So, recommendations are welcome! Please, we love to try new beers!


So there you have it, our not so clear rating system. I hope that answers any questions you may have!



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