From The Kitchen To The Soap Studio- How I Scaled Up My Soap Business

From The Kitchen To The Soap Studio- How I Scaled Up My Soap Business

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Over the past six years, I have had various locations where I made soap. I first started in my kitchen. This is an obvious place because you need quite a few kitchen utensils, including spatulas, spoons, and measuring cups. Most importantly, you need a way to heat the oils. That stove becomes quite handy. Also, clean up is relatively easy, as the sink and dishwasher, are right there.

Eventually, my supplies outgrew my kitchen. I lacked storage space. There was very little space for my raw materials and no place to cure soap. The next logical place was our basement. There was a utility sink down there and better storage options. So I purchased a few burners, and we were good to go.

Then, our soap got more popular. I was making soap more often, and we were faced with the same problem of storage issues around curing. There was no place for our soaps to hang out for 30 days. It was my dad, the problem solver, who came up with the idea, “Build a soap studio in the backyard.”

We were currently designing our back yard. Our house sits on a deep lot in Oakland. We were trying to make it conducive for our growing family to incorporate multiple garden beds, a chicken coop, and a place to socialize. And so, the soap studio was built along with all the other stuff! My husband also got a studio where he brews beer and plays music. So he’s a happy camper!

I’ve been in my studio for the past four years. And it too is getting a little cramped. Because it is a small space, I have to be very organized and efficient. I don’t have anything in my studio that I don’t need. The decluttering of it is a whole other blog post. But it works.

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