Five Ways to Stay Human As We Enter Month 7 Month of the COVID Pandemic

Five Ways to Stay Human As We Enter Month 7 of the COVID Pandemic

We are going on seven months of this COVID pandemic.  For my family, all three kids have started school with distance learning.  My eldest is self sufficient.  The most I have to guide her in her learning is away from Tik-Tok or Instagram.  My middle is in upper elementary.  She too can do most on her own, but wants me to watch her.  I've kindly as possible told her that as much as I love watching her learn, I have things to do too. Then there is my 5 year old.  While the girls have been 'zooming' with their teacher, I have been working with him on his lessons- reading and working on letter formation with legos, yarn, paint etc.

I've been running Handbrewed Soaps in the afternoons, when Eric is done teaching for the day.  Like many people, our family has flip flopped our schedules around.  We are one of the lucky families that still have jobs and can somewhat continue to do what we do, just differently.

Many people don't have that story. Many have lost jobs and love ones.  Here's the kicker- the COVID pandemic is not going to disappear anytime soon. We are not out of the woods in any sense of this expression.  Though we may be tired of this quarantine and want to return to normal, we need to get use to it.  This is normal.  

So, for all of us that are complaining about our shitty situation, let us realize we are ALL going through this shitty situation. Let's start by being human to one other, by help our fellow human. Let's put down our opinions and put on our masks.  Donate to a food bank.  Better yet, if you live in Oakland, put some food in a fridge. Call a friend that lives by themselves, or write a letter to someone in a retirement home.  Don't stop caring out others. Let's not become numb to this situation because we are tired of it.  Let's keep our humanity, let's stay human.

How are things going for you?  How are you staying human?

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