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Figuring Out What To Brew in 2018?

what beer do I brew next?

New Year, New Beer!  I love January.  It brings a feeling of fresh starts, new beginnings, and new beer to brew! But how do you know what beer to brew? 

This year, Eric and I have decided to be more intentional with our brewing. By figuring out what to brew over the year (or at least the next six months), we hope to increase our varieties, waste less, and brew with purpose. We’ll continue to brew some of our tried and true, but we are excited to try something new.  Our first step in intentional brewing was identifying what we were going to brew. This is how we did it: 

We reviewed what we brewed in 2017.  By looking at what we liked, and eliminating what sucked, we started off with a good little list.

With the brews we liked, we went through our notes (or from memory) for any modifications we would make for the next batch and noted that.

Finally, we got to the fun part…. We DREAMED BIG! What were some of the new beers we wanted to try?  What brew techniques sounded like fun? More importantly, how could we streamline the process? Could we be brewing more with less time?

Join us on this process as we continue our series on 2018 Brewing.  Next week we will dive into planning your brew calendar!

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