Feature Friday- Orange Plum: A Skin Bar

Meet Jazmine Jackson. She’s the owner of Orange Plum: A Skin Bar. We’ve been retail partners for the past two years. This amazing Oakland business owner has combined her love of travel, skincare, and handmade accessories into one by having her “brick and mortar” on wheels. That’s right, she has transformed a bus into a skin bar boutique! So you know I was thrilled when she agreed to be our guest blogger! Today she is going to share her thoughts and her (VERY COOL) concept… a traveling beauty bus. Learn more about her service (massage, facials, waxing and much more!) HERE! And read her amazing interview below!


What inspired you to open your store/spa?

I'm an Esthetician and have been in the industry for over six years. I started my career in the Bay Area and have worked in all types of shops and salons. Over time I became comfortable with my skills and with the idea that I'm always going to come across new information and techniques that improve our skin. So I created a space where I could continue to grow as an Esthetician. And that's how Orange Plum: A Skin Bar came to be. 

What are the benefits of having your store on wheels?

I can share my LUV of skin care with more people. A lot of times I come across people I otherwise would not have meet. And some of the conversations that happen on the bus are priceless. It's pretty amazing!

What do you hope your customers "take away" from their shopping/spa experience?

When people step inside "Orange" I hope they’re happy. If they leave feeling more confident and having gained a little more knowledge about there skin - Wonderful! Also I try and promote local herbalist, designers and artists. If I can get the word out about what other creative are doing in Oakland and how a lot of our work ties together… these are some of the experience I hope folks leave with.

What advice would you give someone that wants to open a mobile store/spa?

Go for it. You have some many versions happening right now- mobile, barbershop, shoe store, photo booth. If you’re in for a long-term project, yeah, go for it.

What is your favorite "local" activity?

Without question, it's the Weekend Day Parties happening right now. With all this nice weather it's perfect!


Thanks so much Jazmine for your thoughts! It’s great partnering with you! So to all of our Oakland locals… hit her up! She is AMAZING!!!

All photos are from Orange Plum's website!

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