Feature Friday: Old Yak Bazaar

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Old Yak Bazaar and Handbrewed Soaps

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Meet Wen (the boss lady) and Tenzin (the boss dude) of the Old Yak Bazaar. They own this awesome alternative trading company that has a curated selection of artisanal fair trade and indie designs in Berkeley, CA.

The journey of the Old Yak began as Wen and Tenzin traversed the Indian subcontinent to meet with fair trade producers and visit back alley rural workshops. Countless train and rickshaw rides later, the duo launched their online shop in Minneapolis in December 2013 and opened their first retail shop in Berkeley, California in October 2014.

They are committed to the principles of fair trade, sustainability, and all things handmade. Drop in for a visit, you’ll find something you’ll like, you’ll even find Handbrewed Soaps!

Old Yak Bazaar and Handbrewed Soaps


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