coffee filter spider webs

DIY Halloween Round Up: Decorations You Can Make From Stuff You Use To Brew

Surely the Halloween of 2020 will be one for the memory books… there is a full moon, it occurs on a Saturday, and we’re sheltering in place.  (Wha-wha-wha)

Though there will be a few of you venturing out for some  trick-o-treating, we people over at Handbrewed Soaps will be staying home, watching scary movies, and of course making crafts. 

Since we have a lot of brewing supplies around our place, here is what we will attempt to  make this year out of those supplies. Click on the titles of each project to go to the tutorials.

1) Bottle Cap Bat Magnets

2) Coffee Filter Ghosts

3) Coffee Filter Spider Web

What are you doing this year?


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