Can I Blame The Beer Soap If I Get Pulled Over?

Can I Blame The Beer Soap If I Get Pulled Over?

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You are coming home from a friend’s party, reminiscing about the lovely food and libations with your co-pilot when you spot flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. Damn you think, knowing you’ve had a couple.

You pull your car over and watch the policeman walk to the car.  You roll down your window and greet your fate with an awkward smile.

“Hi officer.  What can I do for you?” you ask.

“License and registration please.  How much alcohol have had tonight?”

 You stop and think. ‘I’ve definitely had three (maybe four) drinks, but I also bathed in beer soap before I went out. Hummm, maybe I should tell the cop zero drinks and blame in on the soap!’


This is a beautifully crafted thought that only while drinking would you seriously contemplate telling a cop.  This is a funny question you would ask me at a beer show where I’m selling my soap. This is a statement you’d give to your drinking buddies at the bar, “I’ve been drinking in the shower guys with my beer soap!”

I hate to burst your bubble, but the alcohol in the beer soap is actually burned off during the process of making it. So in fact, no, you cannot blame your alcohol level on our beer soap.


“Yes officer, I have had a few glasses over the course of the night…”

 Though you may be in for it, that was the best choice. 


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