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Brewing Gratitude: Part 3- Make A List Of What Went Well Today

It’s soooo easy to complain, to find the negative in a situation. One morning, I was complaining to Eric and he stopped me mid-sentence and asked,

“What went well?” 

Boy did that give me a mind f#$%.  Not only did he reorient my thinking pattern, but he set a boundary. He basically said, “Al, I don’t want to hear it.”  Point taken.

So, grudgingly, I have begun to list everything that went well that day before I go to sleep.  From the big things to the little things.  And when I’m really having the case of the blah’s and can’t think of anything to be grateful for,  I write, ‘I’m grateful to be alive’ over and over again.

Below is an excerpt of yesterday’s entry: *I find it help to write ‘I am grateful’ for each thing.

  • I am grateful for the rain.
  • I am grateful for frozen pizza.
  • I am grateful for the teachers that work with my kids.
  • I am grateful my dog made it outside before it puked.
  • I am grateful for hugs.
  • I am grateful for Eric’s breakfasts.
  • I am grateful for that I can move.
  • I am grateful.

Do you keep some sort of gratitude journal?  If so, how do you use it?


If you missed the beginning of this series, read Part One and Part Two.

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