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Brewing Gratitude: Part 2: Break Up With Social Media, the News, and Anything that Sucks Your Soul

The first thing I do to Reclaim My Spirit is- I get off social media, the news, and any content that sucks all the good that's in my soul. A little dramatic? Well, it's the truth.

Have you seen the movie Social Dilemma on Netflix yet? Well, I highly recommend you start there. I genuinely have a love-hate relationship with media, but social media specifically. I want to stay connected to friends, family, and the global community (news). However, I also see it as the gutter of humanity. It can bring out the worst in people- from trolling to saying horrible things to people. I wonder if this happens because people are not physically present, so the perpetrator can't pay for the consequence. Like a punch in the face after being an a -hole.

If you already have boundaries, good for you. I don't. Or I think I do, but still, get yucked. Again, this is another rabbit hole for me.

I've experimented with deactivating my account, taking breaks, etc. I've noticed that my spirit comes back when I leave these platforms. The catch is, I frequently get lured back.

As an example, my friend announced she was hosting a yoga class on Facebook. I missed the class because I deactivated my account at the time. I had no idea the event was going on. I thought, "see, you'll miss out if you aren't on these platforms." So back I went!

The other excuse (I don't know if this is the correct word) that gets me back to social media is, "How do I run my business if I'm not on social media."

So I take breaks. I get back on when I feel I'm strong enough mentally and physically for it. Within a week of being back on platforms, I've noticed that it's not a good place for me. The lesson for me is that nothing replaces person to person contact. Social media is an illusion. I know that my psyche doesn't have the bandwidth to be apart of it continually. And that is ok. It's right where I need to be!

So I do what I can be to bring light to others when I'm on social media and then I'm out. With plenty of breaks in between! #brewyourbestlife

How about you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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